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Contract Manufacturing Consulting Services -  Expert, Independent Advice

Outsourcing printed circuit board assembly and completed end-products can contribute significantly to a company's profitability and return on investment.  Our experience with Asian contract manufacturers gives our clients the advantage of first-hand knowledge of industry practices and pitfalls.  Unlike other marketing firms, we do not accept assignments or compensation of any kind from contract manufacturers.  We serve our clients worldwide from our offices in Taiwan, China and USA.

FT Technology identifies the best options for printed circuit board and end-product assembly.  We have extensive knowledge and contacts with mid-size and smaller specialized electronics contract manufacturers (CMs) in Taiwan and China.  We perform analysis of our client's assembly, test and quality control needs to determine specific equipment and process requirements.  We also analyze materials cost savings potential, engineering support, location preference, short and long-term business strategy to determine comprehensive CM selection criteria.

Qualification of CMs involves expert on-site survey and due-diligence.  On-site surveys are customized for each client to focus on those capabilities key to client programs success.  This process of on-site survey plus extensive due-diligence, while more time-intensive, provides a solid base for recommendations, rather than relying on polished presentations and plant tours, which sometimes are not true representations of the services delivered.  We then recommends CMs for quotation, helps prepare quotation request packages and assists in analyzing the merits of incoming proposals.

Implementation assistance is also available.  FT Technology can recommend organization structure, operating processes and performance reports needed to successfully manage the contract manufacturer relationship.  We can also help identify suitable critical component suppliers, design test strategies, prepare ramp-up plans, and can assist in other areas of detailed implementation.

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