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FT Technology Asia Limited is an authorized manufactures representative specialized in distributing a wide range of RF components, frequency and timing products for digital microwave communications, such as BTS, Repeater, Satellite, CATV, Radar as well as WLL/WLAN applications in Taiwan and other Asian market.  Those products include Frequency Synthesizers, DROs, VCOs, Ferrite Isolators and Circulators, GPS Timing Solutions, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs and Rubidium Clock, etc.

In addition, we provide consulting services for helping original equipment manufacturers create successful, best practice outsourcing programs in Asia for printed circuit board assembly, mechanical assembly and complete finished products.  We serve well-known corporations and fast growing start-ups with current or potential outsourcing spend of $1 million to more than $20 million. Since founding, FT Technology Asia limited has been committed to recommending the world's leading RF electronic components to customers in Taiwan and Asia. These products are widely used in mobile communications base stations, repeaters, satellite communications, cable television, radar, Wireless local loop and other fields. Major suppliers of its authorized agents include Luff Research, Valpey Fisher Corp.(CTS corp.), Spectrum Instruments, Star Microwave, Frequency Electronics, Fortiming/SOE.

We treasure the long-term relationship with every customer and principle, therefore we put a lot of efforts in customer service and offer support to our customers in different stages (Engineering Design, Pilot Run, Production), resulting in increasing sales for our principles in Taiwan and other Asian market.

We thank you for your kind attention to our company introduction and wish we can have a very good start soon.

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