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Mold Making

Precision Mold Making

- Uses the best high precision mold making equipment from Europe.
- Uses mold flow to optimize mold design and minimize development time.
- 2-D and 3-D CAD-CAM programs are used to design and manufacture molds
- Uses hard steel from Europe and Japan as well as internationally recognized hot runner systems.
- Customized designs and prototype developments.

Injection Molding

- In-house injection molding machines.
- Machines ranging from 50-1600 tons.
- In addition to conventional molding, we have rich experience and machines for Gas Added Injection, Foam Molding, E-Mold (No Mark) Molding.
- Experienced in a varied range of industrial and consumer plastics including ABS, PC, POM, Nylon, Acrylic, PET, PPT, TPE, TPR, etc.
- Mostly machines that have robotic arms and dedicated chillers/oil heaters.

Contact US Office: James Wang, Tel: 508-281-5981, E-mail: jameswangboston@hotmail.com


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