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Valpey Fisher Corporation introduces the VFVX100 VCXO, low jitter and phase noise timing solution for Universal Edge QAM.  The VFVX100 provides a PECL or LVPECL output with a frequency range of 200MHz to 1GHz (245.76MHz STD). With less than 0.2ps jitter, the VFVX100 gives a cleaner I-Q constellation, providing lower BER’s and higher data throughput. Wider pull ranges of ±20ppm to ±100ppm are available with phase noise of -142dBc/Hz at 10KHz offset for 622.08MHz.  Operating at +3.3 volt or +5.0 volt power supply, the VFVX100 typically consumes 0.25W. The VFVX100 is available in a 9.0mm x 14.0mm surface mount package and is RoHS 6/6 compliant - January 2009
NEW Miniature Frequency Synthesizer to 12 GHz by Luff Research: The SLSM5 (Model SLSM5) is a new synthesizer design which employs the latest technologies to realize a high performance versatile frequency source.  The SLSM5 is ideal for many applications in communications, radar and instrumentation.  This synthesizer provides outstanding performance and reliability in a high quality compact unit.  Many of the SLSM5 synthesizers are available from stock at a reasonable cost - June 2009


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